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Affiliated with

Ontario Soccer
Minor Track Association
Chess Federation of Canada
Toronto District Badminton Assiciation
Athletics Ontario
Badminton Ontario
Peel Holton Soccer Assiciation

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Welcome to Shahph Puma Sports Club. We continue with our goal of providing both recreational and competitive sports programs. We provide Soccer, Badminton, Athletic (track and Field), Yoga, Volleyball, chess and Basketball for both youth and adult.

The Shahph Puma Sports Club established in 2009. The Club was professionally managed and governed by its Constitution and is run by an elected group of Directors, both of which provide stability and continuity required to meet the needs of the membership of the Club.

Shahph Puma Sports Club affiliated with   the following orgainzation whoe the governig bodies

TDBA –Toronto & District Badminton Association

OSA – Ontario Soccer association

CAF - Canadian Academy of Futbol

MTA – Minor Track association of Ontario